Marco Puzzello was born on 26th April 1986.  At the age of 8 he began studying trumpet and music.

First album in 2004 “Inventing with the hands” with the band Blek Aut.

At the age of 21, he obtained his academic diploma in Trumpet and Trombone at the Conservatory “N.Rota” in Monopoli (Ba).

He participates in several masterclasses including Umbria Jazz 2008 with the “Berklee College of music” in Boston (USA) obtaining an important certificate of recognition for 20 musicians. “In recognition of Outstanding Musicianship”.

He is the composer of the soundtrack of the short film “Il guardiano distratto” by Marcello Ciullo and LA FOSSA with this arriving at final of EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL.

In February 2012 he was ranked second with the Tangram group at the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE ITALIAN SONG IN THE WORLD IN BRUSSELS – INEDITED SECTION.

With BIJA he arrives in the final at the International Festival of La Spezia and Tuscia Jazz, wins the first prize at the Soundslices contest and other important awards of critics in other festivals Like as Multiculturita and SIBIU JAZZ COMPETITION with AWARD PRIZE in Romania and the Jazzup contest in Viterbo, directed by the American pianist Greg Burk, where he won first prize as “Band revelation of the year”

In March 2014, as part of the European project “N.E.M.O. – Network for Mobility”, which involves OdA, he teaches a masterclass Jazz in ROMANIA at the music academy in Ploiesti and in May in POLONIA at the singing school “Kantata” of the Liceo Classico in Treszmezno.

In July he participated in the closing event as solo trumpeter in POLAND, obtaining important awards from 13 European delegations.

Second album in 2014 with BIJA.

In November 2018 and October 2019 he has been in tour in Taiwan, playing Jazz music with international musicians.

He is the art director of The association OdA Officina degli artisti where he promotes culture, art and music trough Jazz and modern music.